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Insights of Madrid-

Insights of Madrid

The solution of Every Need of a Company

Madrid Is The Perfect Place For Companies –

  • To Achieve Connections to the market
  • To find clients to offer their services to
  • To count on a qualified, talented staff
  • To control their costs


Madrid’s Metropolitan Area –

  • Home To A Rich, Well-Developed Economy
  • Has Partners And Clients In Leading-Edge Sectors
  • The base of Well-Educated Workers And Very Competitive Costs



Madrid has an extraordinary infrastructure-

  • One of the largest airports in Europe
  • High-speed trains in all directions
  • A logistic European hub
  • A dense public transport network within the city.


Madrid Has Everything That Any Foreign Professional Dreams Of-

  • Culture & Heritage
  • Famous, World-Class Museums,
  • Sports and Large Green Zones
  • Exceptional Healthcare And Education


Reasons To Invest In Madrid-

Go through these points to know more about investment in Madrid

Reasons To Invest In Madrid

Capital City-

  1. As Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is home to the most important government buildings, military commanders, embassies, courts, and other national and international organizations.
  2. Being the capital city, the volume of residences of government officials is high, that attracts investment in public buildings and real estate and boosts the economy
  3. These are the points that increase the value of property and appreciation of the capital

Dynamic & Prosperous Economy-

  1. Madrid’s Economy has grown by 3.9% over the last 10 years.
  2. An economy of Madrid accounts for more than 18% of the Spanish economy in terms of its GDP and is under constant expansion that offers a large number of business opportunities
  3. Madrid is the 3rd European region in terms of purchasing power as it has an average per-capita income of more than €33,000

International Business Decision Centre-

  1. More than 500,000 companies are in operation in Madrid which accounts for highest number of businesses in Spain.
  2. One out of every five businesses created in Spain is based in the city of Madrid.
  3. 72% of Spanish companies are based in Madrid and around 4% of the Latin American GDP corresponds to Madrid enterprises.


Excellent Geo-Strategic Location        

  1. Madrid is at the center of the peninsula, which represents a strategic framework for the establishment of corporate business headquarters.
  2. The city offers equidistant location on the map which allows companies to effectively organize and manage distribution networks with the rest of the country.
  3. Easy access to a potential market of 1300 million people: EU (500 million), Mediterranean (450 million) and Latin America (600 million)


Leading Scientific And Technological Development Centre

  1. Madrid is the most investing region of Spain in the field of Research and Development
  2. City’s 16 Universities Work In Close Collaboration With Each Other To Foster The World Of Business And Scientific Research.
  3. Madrid is home to an excellent network of science and technology parks, called the Madrid Network which has 6 technology parks and 11 sectoral clusters


Excellent Communications Infrastructure Network

  1. Madrid has a centralized network of roads and railways and one of the busiest airports in Europe which put Madrid as 0 km to the rest of Spain.
  2. It can withstand a large amount of traffic as several roads and bypasses with large traffic capacity are present around the city
  3. It is also home to a large number of metro lines, trains, buses, and taxi services which accounts for a wide coverage of public transport


Did You Know?

Following are the stats about Madrid City

  • Madrid Is The Largest City In Spain With The Population Of 3.2 Million
  • Madrid Accounts For 12% Of Spain’s GDP
  • 3 Million Greater Metropolitan Area
  • 20 M2 Green Area Per Inhabitant
  • 120 Billion FDI In Last 10 Years
  • Madrid Accounts Of 57% FDI In Spain
  • 300000 Jobs Created By FDI
  • More Than 100 Museums And Art Collections
  • 24% Population With Higher Education
  • 26% Of Spanish R&D Expenditure
  • 15% High-Technology Related Employment



The Future Looks Promising-

Showing strength and determination to grow as a city and to prosper Spain’s economy, Madrid has achieved a lot over the last decade

Also, with an unrivaled quality of life, a large and modern market, excellent transport and connections, the future for investment in Madrid looks bright!