Biotechnology revolution: Moving towards light

Biotechnology Revolution In Europe

Europe is home to leading life sciences and biotechnology industry clusters active in medicine/healthcare, agricultural/food and industrial/environmental areas.

  • Europe has a rich history of life sciences research and activities in all the domains like pharmaceutical, chemical and agriculture industries.
  • Life sciences has always been a major area for Europe as it is an evergreen sector and has been contributing immensely to Europe’s economic growth and its global competitiveness when it comes to research.
  • Many incentives as well as facilities have been provided by the European Commission in order to promote research and development of life sciences field. The strategies mainly have a focus on having collaborations, associations, technology transfer as well as joint research and development.
  • The positive growth trend observed with the European companies are mainly supported by
    1) Organic growth (e.g., sales revenue from newly launched products, licensing royalties) delivered by several companies.
    2) Relatively stable business environment in Europe
    3) Diversified market of Europe
    4) Continuous measures for operational efficiency improvements in companies.
    5) Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Almost 25-30% of the world’s pharmaceutical market is represented by Europe. Biotechnology cluster plays a pivotal role in the biotechnology industry growth. This also helps companies to have collaborations and interactions with the help of which the companies can work further in joint research and work in shared infrastructure.
  • Some of the focused areas of biotechnology industry in Germany are oncology, infection, cardiovascular, DNA analysis, genomics, nanotechnology, personalized medicines and biomarkers.
  • Biotechnology clusters and cluster organizations are going to continue playing a vital role in providing important ingredients for growth and success, by ways of improving potential partners and investors’ access to cluster’s knowledge, technology, people, products, services, information as well as to their member companies. The recent growth in the interests from biotechnology clusters and their biotechnology companies to explore certain business partners for concrete collaboration in the markets worldwide by taking part in such as mission delegation trips and dialogue initiation represents potential opportunities.