HANNOVER MESSE- Innovation Collaboration Celebration

hannovermesse 1-5 April Germany
  • The Hannover Messe is the world's leading trade fair for technology combining leading international trade fair (Industrial Automation, MDA, Energy, Digital Factory, Comvac, Industrial Supply and Research & Technology) under one roof.
  • The exhibition offers a unique theme and product range and reflects with the Topics of these leading trade fairs, overlapping each other specifically, the entire industrial value chain ranging from individual components to intelligent factory. This reflected in the motto of the Hanover Fair: the technology world comes to Hanover. 

HANNOVER MESSE - The World Leading Industrial Show :

  • Home of Industrial Pioneers- Technologies for the factories and energy system of the Future
  • More than 500 use cases- for Industrial 4.0 and Machine Learning.
  • Components, Systems, Solutions – 6,500 Exhibitors from 75 Countries
  • Industrial Intelligence -Digital networking between Humans and Machines in the age of Artificial Intelligence.
  • More than 80 forums and Conference – for example on Industry 4.0, Machine learning, 5G, and Smart Grids.
  • All Key Technologies and core areas of Industry in one Place

HANNOVER MESSE- Facts and Figures

hannovermesse facts, hannovermesse facts & figures

Sweden- Partner Country 2019

  • HANNOVER MESSE - the World’s leading Trade Fair for industrial technology- shines its spotlight on a chosen Partner Country.
  • AT HANNOVER MESSE 2019, the country will be Sweden.
  • Collaboration, innovation and digital transformation will be at the center of Sweden ‘s presence, with the country’s, main objective to promote networking, trade, and investment with partners from around the Globe.
  • At HANNOVER MESSE all the innovation and key players of the connected Industry are in one Place.

Global Business & Markets

  • Global Business & Markets is Europe’s leading forum for International Trade.
  • This year, over 5,000 decision-makers will attend the event in Hall 27, to discuss new Global Market Opportunities.
  • This line-up includes high-level conferences, quality advice from expert advisors and a multidisciplinary Investment Lounge- all clustered in a central networking area that will attract business delegations from around the World.
  • Develop your international business or invest in emerging markets, Global Business & Markets is the place for you!
hannovermesse global business, hannovermesse global busines & markets


Growth markets need an effective business platform. Despite today’s networked world, trade fairs still serve as a central meeting place participant.



Hannovermesse industry trends,hannovermesse key topics
  • Get Ready for the Connected Industry

Radical change awaits us, in which entire operating flows will be transformed. Flexibility and individualized production and logistics are prerequisites for remaining competitive.

  • A Battleground for Market Players both Old and New

Power is no longer generated only in conventional power stations, but also in many industrial processes and private households – consumers are becoming energy suppliers and vice versa.

  • Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence in Industries 4.0

Machine learning enables predictions to be made based on large amounts of data. The branch of Artificial Intelligence is built upon pattern recognition and has the ability to independently draw knowledge from experience. For this reason, technology has been found in its place in industrial processes.

  • Man, and Machine: A Team at The Top of Their Game

Capable of reacting to people and not just following pre-programmed commands, collaborative robots equipped with sensors enable an entirely new form of teamwork. This, in turn, allows companies, especially SMEs, to boost their competitiveness.

  • Lightweight Construction in Better Shape Than Ever

How can structures and materials help minimize the weight of the end product without affecting its stability and reliability? Reducing material and energy use alone is not enough. To remain competitive, both SMEs and global corporations must act quickly in embracing new trends in lightweight construction.

  • Platform Economics: The Heart of the Digital Revolution

Platform economics redefines B2C markets and leads to phenomenal growth figures.

  • 5G For Industry

LTE technology has hardly outgrown childhood, but its successor is already waiting in the wings. The 5G wireless communication standard is supposed to do everything better and open up whole new possibilities for the industry.


  • Exhibitors have the opportunity to fully exploit the market potential of their company and its products and to establish business across industries.
  • Recent trends and new developments are discussed in numerous forums in detail.
  • The fair is open to both trade visitors and to the general public and is held once a year at the exhibition center in Hanover.
  • The fair has its origins in the Export Fair Hanover, which took place first in 1947 and with the foundation for the establishment of the Hannover Exhibition Square at the international level was laid.
  • The Hannover Messe will take place on 5 days from Monday, 01. April to Friday, 05. April 2019 in Hannover
hannovermesse 1-5 April Germany