Madrid Investment Attraction – Your One Stop Shop For Investment In Madrid

Madrid Investment Attraction

  • Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA) is the foreign investment office of the Madrid City Council.
  • Our purpose is to contributing to the internationalization of the economy of Madrid by attracting foreign companies.
  • MIA’s activity includes the international promotion of Madrid as the ideal place for the implementation and development of new business projects.
  • It’s all about promoting and making easier the landing of foreign companies in order to enrich the local productive framework, create new jobs and make Madrid a more sustainable, balanced and inclusive city
  • Madrid Investment Attraction is the city centre, right next to Puerta del Sol, and all their services are free of charge.
  • Our office intends to be the flagship for foreign companies thinking about coming to the city.



For that, MIA:

  1. Advises and communicates about the implementation in Madrid. We deal with legal, mercantile, and personal matters.
  1. Communicates about industrial, commercial and office sites.
  2. Supports in administrative procedures.
  3. Offers a soft-landing service with free co-working space for foreign companies that establish in the city