North Rhine-Westphalia – Technology HUB

North Rhine-Westphalia

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are driving forward the digital transformation of the entire economy of North Rhine-Westphalia

Information technology industry helps entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors in shaping the development of Industry4.0

IT/ICT industry creates new opportunities for creating value and employment with ever-evolving new innovations

NRW’s ICT industry has companies ranging from medium-sized IT companies to software start-ups to telecommunications giants.

North Rhine-Westphalia – An Economic Heavyweight In Technology

North Rhine-Westphalia - An Economic Heavyweight In Technology

  • NRW has the highest number of technology companies among other German states
  • The first European blockchain institute is being established in NRW
  • NRW is one of the hotspots for IT security in Germany
  • The largest association of the Internet industry in Europe has its headquarters in the city Cologne of NRW


NRW – Shaping The Digital Revolution

North Rhine-Westphalia - Shaping The Digital Revolution

The future is digital!

  • NRW is one of the best locations for investing in digital transformation as the state offers strong industrial structures and many innovative IT companies and research facilities
  • Outstanding expertise in science and industry contributes to the development of IT security solutions for large systems in NRW
  • NRW’s Ruhr area, especially Bochum has the largest number of companies in Germany which provides IT security services
  • North Rhine-Westphalia’s “Digital Economy NRW” initiative is a platform for establishing a bridge between founders, science, and industry. Also, the govt is supporting the start-up initiative in the IT/ICT sector.


NRW- Industry 4.0 Hub

  • Europe’s largest logistics research project – efficiency cluster LogistikRuhr is in NRW
  • One of the world’s leading research institutes for logistics and cellular transport systems- the Fraunhofer Institute (IML) is in Dortmund
  • NRW is home to the invention of industrial minicomputer MICA
  • One of the biggest initiatives for Industry 4.0 in Germany – itsOWL is in NRW
  • NRW being an industrial state, it is suitable in shaping the future of industrial production



Research Project “Competence Center 5G.NRW” (CC5G.NRW)

What is CC5G.NRW?

  • NRW Aims To Develop North Rhine-Westphalia Into The Lead Market For 5G.
  • Reduces Technical Entry Barriers For Companies
  • Develops Economic Potential For Various Vertical Markets
  • Speeds Up Innovation Diffusion


The Competence Center 5G.NRW is supported by 4 strong partners-

  1. Bergische Universität Wuppertal
  2. University of Duisburg-Essen
  3. Technical University of Dortmund
  4. FIR involved in the RWTH Aachen University


What CC5G.NRW Offers?

  1. Analysis and processing of current 5G development
  2. Information on 5G locations, projects, test fields, and demonstration centers
  3. Implementation of 5G application cases with small and medium-sized enterprises
  4. Validation of 5G key features, integration with non-5G technologies
  5. Identification of transferability potential of 5G-based innovations
  6. Establishment and development of a sustainable 5G innovation network
  7. Efficient and effective support for the planned 5G


NRW – Promoting the Digital Economy

NRW – Promoting the Digital Economy

North Rhine-Westphalia supports various measures to improve the framework conditions for the digital economy

Various Measures Include-

  • DWNRW Hubs – Promotion of 6 regional centers for the Digital Economy NRW.
  • DWNRW Networks – Supports digital economy networks of the metropolises of NRW
  • SeedCap Digital Economy – Participation program of NRW.BANK, which provides start-up capital for digital start-ups
  • DWNRW-Fonds2Fonds – NRW.BANK’s venture capital investments for the later start-up and growth of the digital economy
  • DWNRW Award – Prize awarded by the Ministry of Economy for innovative business ideas and outstanding success in digital transformation
  • DWNRW Advisory Council – Advises the state government on the implementation of its agenda for the digital economy


Digital Model Regions in NRW

  • Progress in digitization has become an important location factor in NRW.
  • By using digital strategies, the region can become faster, better and more attractive in the technology sector.
  • “Digital Model Regions in NRW” aims to further accelerate digitization in the regions and municipalities with innovative projects in the field of “digital urban development”
  • By the end of 2021, it is expected that about 91 million euros in federal funding will be available for digitization


5 model regions in NRW-

  1. Leitkommune city of Soest
  2. Leitkommune city of Paderborn
  3. Leitkommune Wuppertal
  4. Leitkommune Aachen
  5. Leitkommune Gelsenkirchen


Facts About NRW’s Technology Industry

  1. Presence of more than 239000 ICT companies
  2. A workforce of 215,400 people in ICT
  3. ICT Industry’s Sales – Around €103 billion
  4. A workforce of 183,000 people in IT
  5. IT Industry’s Sales – Around € 46 billion
  6. A workforce of 183,000 people in Telecommunications
  7. Telecommunication Industry’s Sales – Around €54 billion
  8. Around 21% of all German companies in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) have their headquarters in NRW
  9. Around 85,000 students are in the field of technology which is perfect for creative ideas and for enhancing the technology sector