Why Invest In Germany

Germany: The Land of New Opportunities for Indian Investors

Land of new opportunities,Indian Investors

Germany’s image is formed by a variety of economic, geographic and cultural factors like every location, however, it’s strictly outlined by its people. The people, their concepts and their activities are the base of its society which gives all type of support to innovation and globalization.

The ‘Germany: Land of new opportunities’ initiative provides a platform to investors all around the world, those people who want to sow their feet in that soil.

Insights of Germany from Investors View

Insights of Germany from Investors View


  • Germany is an open market and warmly welcomes foreign investors. It is demonstrated by the 22,000 foreign enterprises that have established businesses in Germany and now employ more than 2.7 million people.
  • Germany’s central location in Europe makes it a hub for goods and services. Germany more than other countries benefits from EU enlargement. So, it is the only country among the seven most important industrialized nations to increase their share of world trade since 1995.
  • Germany has a large market with 82 million inhabitants, it is the European Union’s most populous country and therefore also the largest market within the EU. It has a gross domestic product of more than 2.2 trillion Euro, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the third strongest economy in the world.
  • Germany market is open to entrepreneurial investment in practically all areas. There are no longer any state-controlled industries.
  • Germany ranks fourth in terms of legal security. The German legal system has served as a model for legal systems in many other countries and according to international studies German legal security is highly regarded by investors.
  • Germany is the world’s largest producer and exporter of chemicals. About 75% of the total chemical manufactured are exported. Due to the extremely good infrastructure and the establishment of many Chemical Parks which offer “plug-and-play” features for companies, Germany is the preferred destination for foreign direct investment in the chemical industry.
  • Products with the “Made in Germany” seal stand for the highest quality worldwide. Foreign investors can reap the benefits from the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.
  • Germany is centrally located offering convenient access to over 500 million of the EU consumers.

Reasons to Invest in Germany

Reasons to Invest in Germany,Innovative Power,High Productivity,Global Player, Leading Economy, First class infrastructure,Inviting Incentive,Competitive Tax Condition, Secure investment

First Class Infrastructure:

  • Germany is Europe’s number one logistics market. A sophisticated energy and communications infrastructure and first-class transportation networks ensure on-time delivery and short roads to success.

Inviting Incentive:

  • Germany provides attractive incentives to all investors.

Competitive Tax Condition:

  • Germany has significantly reduced its corporate tax levels. A far-reaching reform of company taxation is helping companies invest, and secure new business

Secure Investment Framework:

  • Highly developed economic and political frameworks provide the necessary security for your business investment. The German judiciary and civil service institutions are professionally regulated to ensure consistently excellent service

Leading Economy:

  • Germany is Europe’s economic engine, where investors profit from the economic performance of the world’s fourth-largest economy.

Global Player:

  • Germany is the world’s number three exporter, neck and neck with China and the USA after six years at the top spot. And with 469 billion euros FDI, Germany also proved to be an investment magnet and one of the top regions for foreign investors.

High Productivity:

  • One of the highest productivity rates in the world, German quality, and steadily decreasing unit labor costs are the decisive factors for Germany’s competitiveness.

Innovative Power:

  • Germany is Europe’s number 1 location for research. German research and development are backed by billions of euros in annual federal funds, helping to make Germany the world’s leader in innovation