Success Story – Air Suspension System

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Success Story – Air Suspension System

Joint Venture Initiated and formed by Crescendo Worldwide.

Product / Services – Air Suspension System for Commercial Bus & Indian Railway

Venture Process –

Indian Company is serving to Indian Railway in the last 35 years and also have hands-on Automotive Sector.

The Turkish Company is one of the top 5 Air Suspension System Manufacturing Company in the World.

Both the Company agreed for a Joint Venture in India for Indian Railway & Automotive Sector.

Phase I –Turkish Company has shared the credential which includes Technical Know & How for all type of Air Suspension Spring. Indian Company has participated in various Tenders and also Won 3 Tenders. Indian Railway has to visit Turkish Company & Audit the facility very soon. After that Installation of product in Indian Railway for 1-year Product check.

Phase II –Joint Investment in India to Localize all parts.