Success Story – Joint Venture Between Indian And Korean Company

Crescendo Worldwide Success Story Sanika Technologies and Woo Shin

Venture initiated and nurtured by Crescendo Worldwide.

Product / Services – Brake Callipers

Venture Process –

Indian Company – Indian company is Manufacturer and supplier of automobile parts:- engine, clutch, gear, steering. Established in the Year 2011. An ISO / TS16949 & ISO-14001 certified Company.

Korean Company – Since its foundation in Sasang, Busan, in November 1992, every member of its staff has been devoted to manufacturing worldwide callipers.
By the efforts this company has made in the past, they acquired ISO and QS quality certificate system in 2001. And now they supply approximately 450 kinds of DISC BRAKE CALIPERS to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand more than ten million dollars a year.

Joint Venture Details –

Korean partner is interested in developing Brake Calipers in the Indian market through localisation. The Korean company has visited Indian company in the month of April 2018. During the visit both the companies have discussed on manufacturing Brake Callipers in India.

Phase I – Indian company is Marketing Brake Calipers in India. The Korean company will exchange Technology for manufacturing Brake Callipers in India.

 Phase II – Both the companies will manufacture Brake Calipers in India & cater to the global market.