Given the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic, Crescendo Worldwide has taken swift action and adhered to the guidelines of WHO and the Government of India to ensure the safety of all our employees.
At Crescendo Worldwide we
  • Sanitise the workplace at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Have given our employees infrastructure and the flexibility to Work From Home through the course of the pandemic.
  • Have modified our work space to maintain the rules of healthy social distance (between one desk and another).
  • Have limited our physical meetings with clients to a bare minimum.
  • Have embraced digital meet and greets for our new projects and client interactions.
  • Ensure that masks are compulsorily worn at all times by all our employees and management.

Our organisation understands the magnitude of the pandemic and the effects it has had on human lives and the overly stretched health infrastructure in India. Hence, we are doing our best to break the chain at our end and support all government agencies in their endeavour to implement all laws and policies to protect the community.