Finding a way to grow in the “new normal".
Digital Events - Executing Internationally Impactful Events Virtually

Crescendo Worldwide has embraced the digital revolution long ago. We have designed and built products that have the capacity to conduct virtual events, webinars, exhibitions, product launches and investor summits. Our platform is state-of-the-art, multi-device friendly and VR-enabled.

  • Aggressive promotions through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.
  • Conducting informational webinars for target groups
  • Setting up 3D Digital exhibitions with 360°vision for product showcasing and special exhibitor’s booths with dedicated one-on-one meeting space.
  • Seeking out prospective partner companies and setting up B2B meetings.
  • Virtual match-making events for companies, government officials and potential investors.

India Korea Bilateral Relations 2020

International Virtual Exhibition

Digital Automotive Trade Delegation of Turkish Companies to Germany
Transforming the way you work.
Digital Transformation - Supporting Your Journey To Go Digital

Crescendo Worldwide’s dynamic digital transformation team works 24/7 to build your digital presence. Our services include building websites, social media accounts, paid and organic growth campaigns, SEO and executing digital events for our clients.

  • Creating stunning websites with the best SEO techniques.
  • Building a strong and engaging social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Regularly create content for blogs, podcasts, email newsletters and YouTube videos.
  • Execute successful paid campaigns on Google Ads, Google Display Network, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads for clients.
  • Provide reports about spending, data analytics and results achieved.

France Strongest Economy of Europe.

France Strongest Economy of Europe.

Thailand: The country with a well-developed food processing sector.
Sharing knowledge & adding value virtually.
Webinars With Crescendo Worldwide - Knowledge Is Power

Webinars are a powerful way to share knowledge with your target audience. Crescendo Worldwide regularly organises webinars to engage with and enhance the professional lives of our target audience.

  • Evaluating what subject matter to choose.
  • Researching the subject matter thoroughly .
  • Approaching industry experts to become a part of the webinar panel.
  • Running digital campaigns (paid and organic) to attract the right target audience for the webinar.
  • Conducting the webinar on Crescendo Worldwide’s custom-built digital platform

Webinar on Future for Automotive Business for Asian Companies.

Webinar on Market Potential for Indian Life- Science & E- Healthcare Companies in Austria & Vienna

Webinar on Thailand - India Business Opportunity for Jewellery Sector.
Meet, learn and network virtually.
Digital Conferences With Crescendo Worldwide - Higher Reach, More Networking

Crescendo Worldwide organises digital conferences on behalf of clients or government bodies to reach out to a wider target audience.

  • Understanding the need for a digital conference.
  • Researching and setting an agenda.
  • Building a virtual platform to conduct the digital conference.
  • Based on the client needs, the digital conference could be a mix of product showcasing and seminars or it could be a seminar, keynote speech and open floor discussion only.
  • Promoting the conference on social media.
  • Providing data analytics reports post-conference.

NRW Virtual Summit

MIDC Virtual Summit
Meet all the potential investors here.
Investor Summits With Crescendo Worldwide - The Gateway To FDI

Digital investor summits are the best way to connect potential investors, investment agencies and government officials and authorities on a single platform.

  • Invite prospective investors, investment agencies for the investor summit.
  • Build a digital platform to host the investor summit on a grand scale.
  • Schedule the summit over a period of 1-3 days.
  • Provide custom-designed 3D booths for companies to showcase their products to the investors.
  • Social media promotions.
  • Build separate meeting rooms for one-on-one meetings.
  • Dedicate account managers for participants.

Thailand: The country with a well-developed food processing sector.

Indo - Asian Conference, Taiwan

Indo - Asian Conference, Taiwan
Exhibitions that are a delightful virtual experience.
Virtual Exhibitions With Crescendo Worldwide - Cutting-edge Technology For Grand Exhibitions

We host “Digi Expos” for different industries, sectors and even governments on our platform that is VR-enabled, multi-device friendly and safe.

  • Building a virtual exhibition location with 3D booths, panoramic and 360° views of the trade fair.
  • Running digital marketing campaigns on Google and social media to attract a bigger audience for the exhibition.
  • Approaching credible and certified exhibitors to showcase their products at the Virtual Exhibition.
  • Providing meeting rooms for B2B meetings.
  • Dedicated managers from Crescendo Worldwide for exhibitors to assist them 24/7 before, during and after the exhibition.

International Virtual Exhibition

Auto Digi Expo 2021

AutoExpo Turkey