GIBC Introduction

German Indian Business Center (GIBC) was founded by the State of Niedersachsen, Germany in 2007 to build and improve the Indo-German relationship in Economic, Industrial & Academic sectors. We are a single window business solution provider for companies’ endeavour to do business with India or Germany. The German-Indian Business Center supports Indian companies in realizing their business ideas and supports concrete relocation in Hannover Region. GIBC also supports Indian & German companies to grow internationally through Joint Ventures, Collaborations, Alliances, Cooperation, Outsourcing, Establishing Distribution Network for product & services etc. German industrial clusters like Hannover IT (HIT), Projektzentrum Automotive (PZA), Projektzentrum BiomeTI etc. also support GIBC.

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Business Support Your partner for growth

Forming a subsidiary in Hannover, Germany is one of the effective methods for expanding the business. Based on our Experience we have put together an outstanding package of support and incentives. We know that every business is different. We have a team of experts from various industry verticals, who listens to what you need, and who supports you to define Strategy for Business Expansion in Germany & Europe. From Financial support, Skills support, Trade support, R&D, Providing Office space, Acquiring Clients, Work Permits for your employees, Visa’s for your Family members, to Finding a Home and Locating the right schools etc. Long after you decide to locate in Germany, we will still be here to support and help you develop your business.

Advantages of Subsidiary Formation (GMBH)

  • Promoting it as “German company with base / Support facility in India”.
  • Doing business in Germany / Europe becomes easy.
  • Avoids initial reluctance/hesitation Vs. Indian Products / Services
  • Venture/ Collaboration chances largely increase
  • Appointing global distribution network becomes easy.
  • Middle East, Africa & Latin America Market opens up as they value German Products / Services more than Indian Products / Services.

GIBC Handshake

Nowadays there is nearly zero business created by visitors at European fairs just by accidently meeting exhibitors. Just booking a stall, a flight ticket and an accommodation will result in disappointment at exhibitor’s side! Since years GIBC is advising Indian & foreign companies to prepare the exhibition carefully. GIBC “GIBC handshake” initiative. Our unique Handshake Program ensures companies at exhibitions to find, Network & Meet the right matching prospects. Our experts accompany them right from the planning phase to post exhibition nurturing. Those who opt for our service reported that 80% of planned visitors generated business within 4 months after the event.

GIBC Handhold

After Indo-German business relations are established in Exhibitions about 65% are prone to fail due to underestimating the challenges in effective communication. GIBC collected considerable experience in analysing the causes of misunderstandings, when called by either party to settle a dispute. To prevent projects to fail due to misunderstandings, wrong communication or false assumption taken on typical cultural background. GIBC offers the “GIBC Handhold Program”, Experienced managers who live and work in both cultures cross check initial contracts and monitor communications in initial phase of projects to ensure, that communication happens and is resulting in same understanding on both sides.