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M&A Advisory Services - Negotiations & Amalgamations That Are Win-Win For All

M&A Consulting at Crescendo Worldwide is an end-to-end service that involves long term strategy, goal-oriented screening and evaluation, legal aspects and a smooth merger for maximum success.

  • Define your M&A strategy with a global perspective with CW’s experts.
  • Create blueprints of financial statements (forecasts, predictive charts), liquidity & cash flow management for the M&A.
  • CW’s team will vet potential targets and present an analytics report.
  • Forge clear communication with the potential partner and perform due diligence.
  • Build strong legal documentation and implement a smooth, hassle-free amalgamation.
Nicholas Holdcraft

Co-Founder & COO - GOVECS GmbH, Germany

"Crescendo Worldwide has organised back-to-back meetings for us with corporate organisations and government authorities. They’ve done a great job at helping us meet the right people at every level of the organisation."


Nicholas Holdcraft

Co-Founder & COO - GOVECS GmbH, Germany

Michael Petry

Managing Director Germany