Establish Distribution Channel

Distributors are an essential and viable component of any sales strategy. It's not practical to reach a global market from a centralized business structure nor is it an often prudent business practice to open offices all over the world. Distributors help your organization reach territories you would not otherwise have any competent access to. Distributors market your products in their regions, take you to key customers, provide product support & sometimes along involve in installation & maintenance.

Crescendo Worldwide is strong at Setting Up, Appointing and Establishing Distribution Network for companies at desired strategic locations globally.

While doing so, Crescendo is responsible for considering the following factor before even providing Distributor option to companies:

Some of the factors Considered are:

  • The Nature of the Product
  • The Nature of the market
  • The Nature of Middlemen
  • The nature and size of the manufacturing unit
  • Government Regulations and Policies and
  • Competition
Formation of Global Network Distributor | Channel Partner | Representative Process

Collection of Company & Product Details

The support process starts with a collection of product details from the manufacturer which includes product category, product features, product applications etc. The product detail has to be provided to Crescendo WorldWide in a prescribed format for clear understanding.

Detail Global Market Survey

Identify distributors/companies from various countries, who are in business for similar products or inline products or industry experience and know how.

Report Submission

The consolidated survey report of possible Distribution partners, helps you to understand the capabilities of Distributors and support you to select the best possible match. Our report is authentic, accurate and comprehensive.

Selection Process

Our specialist teams generate verification report authenticated by Crescendo, which includes Company History, Current Setup, Balance Sheets for last three financial years etc. to know detail information of selected partner/distributor.

Communication to Prospective Partner

We arrange communication between two companies via TeleConference calls, video conference calls, Skype calls, personal meetings etc, which allows both companies better understand each other's requirement by exchanging information and design a long-term business strategy.

We arrange multiple rounds of Technical Discussions. Crescendo team including Translators remains in the loop for smooth communication.

Arranging Visits for parties

Crescendo provide assistance for arranging visits for partner evaluation/ training/product launch / Marketing event etc.

Preparing Distribution Contracts / Agreements

Crescendo Legal team prepare required agreement / Contracts / Memorandum Of Understandings ( MOU ) in different languages as per various country norms and procedure.

Implementation Support

Crescendo Team provides 24x7 support for achieving a WIN-WIN situation for both the companies.

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