Indian Establishment

Indian Establishment

Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage multi-national, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. India emerged, after initiation of the program in 2015 as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment, surpassing the United States of America as well as the People's Republic of China. In 2015, India received US$63 billion in FDI.

Working with various State Government, Crescendo Worldwide support foreign companies to establish Manufacturing Facilities, Joint Ventures, Sales Offices, Technology Partnerships, Appointing Partners & Representatives in India.

Crescendo Worldwide Support Process Involves
  • Market Research & Survey for Product Viability, cost viability, Competitors analysis, Business Potential
  • Defining Market Entry Strategy
  • Identification of best suitable structure for company
  • Identification of ideal space for business activity based on various parameters like incentives, cost, availability of man power, Resources etc.
  • Various Government approval
  • Setting up or incorporating the Company
  • Managing Inflow of funds
  • Construction/renovation of unit.
  • Hiring of manpower.
  • Acquiring Clients
Incorporating a company in India:
  • It can be a private or public limited company. Both wholly owned & joint ventures are allowed.
Limited liability partnerships:
  • Allowed under the Government route in sectors which has 100% FDI allowed under the automatic route and without any conditions.
Sole proprietorship/partnership firm:
  • Under Reserve Bank India ( RBI ) approval. RBI decides the application in consultation with Government of India.
Extension of foreign entity:
  • Liaison office, Branch office (BO) or Project Office (PO). These offices can undertake only the activities specified by the RBI. Approvals are granted under the Government and RBI route. Automatic route is available to BO/PO meeting certain conditions.
Other structures:
  • Foreign investment or contributions in other structures like not for profit companies etc. are also subject to provisions of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).
Central Government Incentives:
  • Investment allowance (additional depreciation) at the rate of 15 percent to manufacturing companies that invest more than INR 1 billion in plant and machinery.
  • Incentives available to unit’s set-up in Special Economic Zones (SEZ), National Investment & Manufacturing Zones (NIMZ) etc. and Export Oriented Units (EOUs).
  • Exports incentives like duty drawback, duty exemption/remission schemes, focus products & market schemes etc.
  • Areas based incentives like unit set-up in north east region, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand.
  • Sector specific incentives like Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme(M-SIPS) in electronics.

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