Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow companies to broaden their portfolio of products and services. It is a path to increase market share, explore new markets and concentrate on core activities. Managing a merger & acquisition integration is a time-consuming process which enables the earlier independent companies to work as a single amalgamated enterprise.

The success of any M&A depends upon clearly identifying the necessary scope of work to execute, ability to manage risk and to deliver on the business objectives that initiated the deal. We have end-to-end capabilities, from initial screening to value acceleration to synergy realization after the acquisition. We tailor each project to specific client needs.

How Crescendo Worldwide can help -

  • Our global network in combination with our deep industry knowledge means that we are in constant touch with the markets and can spot opportunities and assemble teams to execute a deal as the need arises.
  • We identify appropriate buyers and will implement a sale to generate the best price for our client.
  • We have dedicated specialists to advise clients on taking advantage of privatisation opportunities.
  • With our industry knowledge, we can help companies to discover other businesses that offer a good strategic fit and help them with acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to build and maintain competitive advantage.
  • We work closely with clients in private equity helping them to make acquisitions and advising on disposals. The extent of our global reach and the depth of our relationships mean that we can frequently spot opportunities for private equity investment and assemble the teams they need on the ground.

The Crescendo Edge -

  • We assist our clients in identifying the prime concerns that will determine the right composition for the transaction.
  • We can assist with organizing the complex elements like tax, legal, accounting and regulatory issues that will need to be considered together.
  • We create a feasibility plan to assess the chosen structure and once this is confirmed as the right choice we will provide continuous support throughout transaction implementation.

Benefits of a merger or acquisition

  • Obtaining quality staff for additional skills, knowledge of your industry or sector and other business intelligence. The business you decide to merge with or acquire should have systems & processes that complement your own and which will adapt to running a larger business.
  • Accessing funds or valuable assets for new development. Better production or distribution facilities are often less expensive to buy than to build. Merging with or Acquiring a target businesses that are only marginally profitable and have large unused capacity gives an added advantage.
  • Your business is underperforming. For example, if you are struggling with regional or national growth it may well be less expensive to buy an existing business than to expand internally.
  • Accessing a wider customer base and increasing the market share. The target business may also have distribution channels and systems you can use for your own products & services.
  • Diversification of the products, services and long-term prospects of your business. A target business may be able to offer you products or services which you can sell through your own distribution channels.
  • Reducing your costs and overheads through shared marketing budgets, increased purchasing power and lower costs.
  • Reducing competition. Buying up new intellectual property, products or services may be cheaper than developing these yourself.
  • Organic growth, ie the existing business plan for growth, needs to be accelerated. Businesses in the same sector or location can combine resources to reduce costs, remove duplicated facilities or departments and increase revenue


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