Outsourcing – Off Shoring


Selecting the right Contract Manufacturer (CM) is the most important manufacturing decision you'll make. It is critical to your success and you get one opportunity to do it right. Over the years, Crescendo WorldWide has established its expertise in supporting OEMS to find the right fit contract manufacturer.

We are supporting many global small, medium, large, OEMs including Fortune 500 companies to enter into the highly potential Indian/Asian market.

Our support process has a microscopic approach towards selecting suppliers from India & various other countries. We focus on selection criteria like geographic location, technical capabilities, materials management capabilities, quality control, financial health of the company etc.

Key Reasons for Sourcing from India

  • Low Labour Cost
  • Huge Skilled Workforce Available
  • Increasing Labour Productivity
  • Equipped Logistics & Infrastructure in India.
  • Technology Upgradation
  • Improvement in Quality of Products & Services
  • Government Support
  • Increasing percentage of Inward FDI in India

 Outsourcing Support Process

  • Understanding Foreign Companies Requirement / Requirement Analysis
    The support process starts with collection of requirement / product details from the buyer, which includes understanding Technical Details, Drawings & Specifications, Raw Material, Machining Requirements, Quantities, Product Features, Product Applications etc.
  • Indian Right Supplier
    Identifying & Evaluating various potential Indian suppliers, who have related knowledge, Knowhow & experience. Also have necessary Setup, Machinery & Certifications.
  • Report Submission
    The consolidated report of possible suppliers helps you to understand capabilities of Suppliers and support you to select best possible match. Our report is authentic, accurate and comprehensive.
  • Selection Process
    Our specialist teams generate verification report authenticated by GIBC, which includes Company History, Current Setup, Balance Sheets for last three financial years etc. to know detail information of selected supplier.
  • Documentation
    We assist for exchange of necessary documentation like signing Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Special agreements, drawing & specification Exchange etc.
  • Communication
    We arrange communication between two companies via Tele Conference calls, video conference calls, Skype calls, personnel meetings etc, which allows both companies better understand each other's requirement by exchanging information and design a long term business strategy.
    We arrange multiple rounds of Technical Discussions, Commercial Negotiations etc.
  • Arranging Visits for parties
    GIBC provides assistance for arranging visits for partner evaluation / Manufacturing know how sharing / training / product launch / Marketing event etc.
  • Preparing Contracts / Agreements
    GIBC Legal team prepare required agreement / Contracts / Memorandum of Under-standings (MOU) in different languages as per various country norms and procedure, for signing between Buyer & Supplier.
  • Implementation Support
    Under this our Technical team support for proto type / sample submission, Quality Audits, Production part approval process (PPAP) & Batch production process.
  • Ongoing Support
    GIBC Team provides 24x7 supports for achieving WIN - WIN situation for both the companies.


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