Virtual office

Crescendo Worldwide Virtual Office offers all the benefits of an office without any of the overheads.

A Virtual Office at Crescendo will help you create the right impression by enhancing your corporate image. A Virtual Office entitles you to use the Crescendo Worldwide address on your business cards and stationary.At Crescendo Worldwide we take the work VIRTUAL very seriously allowing you to operate an Office without having you to own one. Crescendo Worldwide and its well-trained team takes care of receiving and answering all your communications, mails, messages and replying to them as per instructions left by you. The CWW Virtual Office allows you complimentary use of its Offices every month depending on the Virtual Office Plan you chose.

A Crescendo Worldwide Virtual Office allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere and saves you time and money. Crescendo Worldwide handle your Office while you concentrate on what is more important – Building your Business!

Features of Crescendo Worldwide Virtual office services

  1. Personally, answering your calls with your business name.
  2. Sorting and Forwarding mail
  3. Providing our office address in your company’s name
  4. Sending the details of callers to your mail id on weekly/daily basis
  5. Call back the clients on request
  6. On demand internet access
  7. Arranging Conference calls
  8. Telephones for Domestic / International Calls
  9. 24 hours 7 days a week office Support
  10. Printing letters and Documents ( on demand)
  11. Sending and Receiving fax
  12. IT, Multimedia facility

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