• Mr. Michael Chen

    Sr, Project Manager - Foxconn Technology Group Taiwan

    Its pleasure working with Crescendo Worldwide & GIBC. During my India trip, I had planned to travel to 8 different cities to explore & meet companies. But with the support of GIBC team I got 8 Qualified Venture meetings in single day in Pune including TATAcompany. I experienced professional & friendly approach of working with them and planning to work with them on bigger projects.

  • Mr. Karl Reinhard Kolmsee

    CEO - Smart Hydro power Gmbh

    German Indian Business Center (GIBC) & Crescendo Worldwide had invited me to India and my visit was very fruitful in terms of meeting right business partners which was organized .I very much appreciate the work done by GIBC in organizing 15 qualified meetings & conducting them in just 2 days. Very effective, professionally organized meetings. Straight to the point looking forward for Make In India, & looking forward for Sales & Marketing in India with the guidance & support of GIBC.

  • Mr. Devendra Deshmukh

    CEO & Founder - e Zest

    e-Zest is global IT services company & in business from last 15 years. Since approx.. 60% of our business comes from Europe. We were keen to setup our program management operations in most efficient & friendly location in Europe. Among the possible sites that e-Zest was considering to setup operations in Europe, Hannover had to compete against other centres in Europe, such as Frankfurt, Vienna or Amsterdam. Ultimately we opted for the city on the River Leine mainly because of awesome support by GIBC, handholding provided in complete process & personal involvement of Wolfgang Hoeltgen in every single small things. GIBC Leadership works beyond the mandate to help companies settle in Hannover.

  • Mr. Ravi Gunti

    Chief Executive officer - Smart Enovations (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

    We were looking for setting up our office in Germany for last 6 months, we have evaluated multiple options but somehow did not work till we got across one of our contacts who recently opened an office in Hannover. Surprised with his judgment, got introduced to Mr. Wolfgang Hoeltgen by e-mail and contacted GIBC. It was one of best decisions we made as we could complete setup formalities of our subsidiary in Hannover in a record time of 2 days. We appreciate GIBC’s excellent planning and great responsiveness at all times. GIBC’s commitment towards their customers is exemplary. Mr. Wolfgang Hoeltgen explained us every step over the phone and personally took care of all the requirements of different agencies like notary, Legal, office premises, immigration, finance and accounting. When I arrived in Germany he was there with me and guided me through every step and completed all the process in 2 days straight, great experience for me. It made the opening company so simple when you’re coming from a country like us. Truly GIBC is a “practical one stop shop” to open company in Germany especially in Hanover. We recommend GIBC for everyone who is looking at Germany. We want to extend our thanks and congratulations to the whole team, especially Herr Wolfgang Hoeltgen. One of the roadblocks in doing business in Germany is the language. GIBC resolves this for you with their communication style which is simple, yet effective and that makes them extremely easy to interact with. We are honored to endorse GIBC’s capability of social skills, methodological skills, and expertise and recommend them as your one stop shop for all your requirements to setup company in Hannover, Germany. Once again we thank Mr. Wolfgang Hoeltgen for all the awesome support he has provided to us.

  • Mr. Jeremy Leahman

    President - Filtroil USA

    We got excellent Support from German Indian Business Center (GIBC) & Crescendo Worldwide for appointing Distributors & Partners. Filtroil manufacturers Industrial Oil Filtration Systems. GIBC team supported me for locating right potential partners, communicating with them, organizing meeting & assisted for discussions. GIBC team is very professional and we highly
    recommend them.

  • Mr. Ricardo D. Lahuerta

    - Virtual PYXIS

    The GIBC company strongly supported us to establish Virtual. PYXIS in Hannover (Wissenschaftspark – TechnologieZentrum).
    The company staff are very helpful, and you can really rely on them. The GIBC has deep knowledge about process for opening a company, taxation and legislation in Germany. During the time that we worked with them, they impressed us with very positive
    attitude and determination to succeed. In so many situations the staff has gone the extra mile to help and undoubtedly has always done a good job

  • Mr. Shan Huang

    - Chang Horing Rubber Co. Ltd Taiwan

    We appreciate German Indian Business Center (GIBC) & Crescendo Worldwide efforts & professional support in terms of understanding our requirements, and appointing partners. GIBC team works beyond traditional ways of working and provides efficient ways of growing business.

  • Mr. Michael Kownatzki

    President - Bei Kownatzki Technology,Germany

    Crescendo Worldwide & GIBC team is perfect combination of Indian & German culture & working practices. I experienced excellent three Venture meetings including plant visits. Their engineering department with domain specific experts supported me and took care of all related technical discussion during the project handling process. I appreciate GIBC support.

  • Mr. Umut Gokce

    MD - EOS Energy Solutions

    “It is a great to work with Mr. Höltgen as our Mentor. We first met with him in 2011 and since this time we have been working closely. I cannot count the benefits that are provided by him during the last 2 years. He was supporting us from day one
    and continue to support us in all issues from very simple to complex ones. He established our company, solved all work and resident permit issues, provide connections with local institutions and third parties, introduce us to important names, and represent us in important events. Since he has a strong German background, he is very precise on what he is doing and would like to see the best
    results even for very simple tasks. Therefore we feel very confident and would like continue to work with him not only at present and also in the future”.

  • Mr. Ravi Patodia

    Managing Director - Jagadamba Auto components Ltd

    Jagadamba Auto components Ltd. India is leading gear & shaft manufacturing company based in Pune. In its endavaour to market its product for exports Crescendo Worldwide & GIBC has been instrumental in locating supported me in locating customers for
    Jagadamba who have either Joint Ventures with Jagadamba & some who stared with subcontracting from S. America, Spain & Germany.
    Crescendo Worldwide have team of professional people who look after every aspect of business closely who relate with you to right customers. They have supported us to setup a manufacturing unit in Hannover Germany and now supporting us to acquire clients.

  • Mr. Patrick Edmond

    Group Strategy Director | Managing Director, International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) - Shannon Group, Ireland

    I greatly appreciate the support and engagement of Crescendo Worldwide during my recent visit to Pune. The Crescendo Worldwide team set up a range of meetings, at senior level, across a spectrum of key organisations in the different business fields of interest to me. I was very impressed with the range and level of meetings they were able to arrange. I believe this trip has been a very useful first step in identifying business opportunities for my company and our partners, and it would certainly not have been so productive without the hard work of Vishal, Sayali, Simmy, Saket and the Crescendo Worldwide team.

  • Testimonial Ann Marie Crescendo Worldwide

    Ms. Ann Marie

    Senior Business Development Manager - Ding

    Crescendo Worldwide was instrumental in organizing a high-level meeting with a leading mobile operator in India. We would like to thank Crescendo for their services.

  • Mr. Sevik Enver Bahtiyar

    - Hipomak, Turkey

    Our aim for India is to be in Indian markets for our products and find the correct partner the sales and marketing of our products in India and also sourcing from India because India is sourcing country as well. Crescendo Worldwide was very helpful to organize these meetings level meeting in three days. They were very successful long to find the correct partners, correct people. All the meetings were fruitful. So we had a very clear reason in the market for our products and possibilities.
    It was a great pleasure and a great experience for us. Thank you.

  • Mr.Andrew Wood

    - Pendle Polymers

    We were in India to look at progressing joint venture with an Indian Company for possibly a low-cost manufacturing and also to serve as a representative for us in India. The sense of excellence really for innovation for the products that have been introduced through Crescendo Worldwide. Without their support, we wouldn’t probably get to a stage where we will have been just trying to associate ourselves with normal work commitments. Thank you Crescendo Worldwide for their support.