Automotives & Electric Vehicles Sector

Revolutionising The Way We Travel On The Road

The automotive sector is one of the most significant industries in the world since road transportation is a primary means of commute and travel. The electric vehicles industry is a new and upcoming sub-sector of automotive that specialises in manufacturing vehicles that run on electricity.

  • Automotives is a trillion-dollar industry that is growing steadily worldwide.
  • The global pandemic has affected this sector adversely and car sales, truck sales, motorbike sales and other vehicles sales have gone down significantly.
  • The Electric Vehicles industry is a relatively new entrant in the automotive sector. It comprises vehicles that run on electricity and are more environmentally friendly.
  • It is projected that by 2030 there will be more than 20 million electric vehicles worldwide.
  • Some of the biggest automotive companies in the world are Toyota (Japan), Volkswagen AG (Germany), Daimler AG (Germany), Ford Motor Co. (USA) and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (Japan).
  • Elon Musk’s Tesla is the biggest electric vehicles manufacturer in the world and is well-known for its futuristic, cutting-edge technology.