Corporate Responsibility

Volunteer for Fight Against Drought.
  • Company Name :Paani Foundation
  • Dates volunteered :Jan 2018 – Present
  • Volunteer Duration :3 yrs 4 month
  • Cause :Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

The Crescendo Worldwide family actively contributes & support the Fight Against Drought by participating in Shramdan (voluntary labour) in various villages that need help in the state of Maharashtra. .

Health Check & Food Distribution for Warkaries
  • Company Name :Pandharpur Wari & Warkari Sampradaya
  • Dates volunteered :Jan 2015 – Present
  • Volunteer Duration :6 yrs 4 month
  • Cause :Social Services

Crescendo Worldwide team every year actively participate in annual pilgrimage called wari with Warkari people to Pandharpur gathering there on Ekadashi. In Pune, we organize Food Donation Centers & Health Check-up Camps for the warkaris.

Donation & Fund raising
  • Company Name :Rainbow Homes Program
  • Dates volunteered : Jan 2017 – Present
  • Volunteer Duration :4 yrs 4 month
  • Cause :Children

Crescendo Worldwide teams are conducting a donation drive for Rainbow Homes. This is a shelter home for homeless children in Pune. Many team members regularly spend quality time with kids & conduct various trainings & competitions.

Annual Blood Donation Camps
  • Company Name : Sahyadri Hospitals
  • Dates volunteered : Jan 2018 – Present
  • Volunteer Duration : 3 yrs 4 month
  • Cause :Health

Crescendo Worldwide every year organizes Voluntary Blood Donation Camps inside office where team members donate blood which is utilized for people below poverty line in the hospital chains in City of Pune.