New Business Launch

For the new launch of the business, we guide Companies & Entrepreneurs, with systematic & proven methods in a step-by-step orderly manner. For each step, Crescendo’s Sector Expert Team is deployed who meet the company officials and decision-makers for a detailed understanding of each aspect to start a new business.

Once the team thoroughly understands the requirement and nature of the business, a detailed report on each business element generated and presented to the company. The total consolidated report acts as a blueprint for starting the business. The process for a new Business Launch follows:

  • Defining Purpose
  • Market Research
  • Investment & Budgeting
  • Production & Procurement Analysis
  • Government Support
  • Management Briefing & Employee Training
  • Digital Marketing & Sales
Mr. Michael Loffler

CEO - LFD Group, Germany

"At Crescendo WorIdwide we have found the very best and very motivated professionals who tried from the very first minute till the last step. We have had a very helpful and very positive collaboration with Crescendo Worldwide."


Mr. Michael Loffler

CEO - LFD Group, Germany

Sami Erol

CEO - Aktas Holding, Turkey