Trade & Export Promotion

Increase your trade & export across the Globe

Trade promotion helps the companies in creating awareness about brands among the people. It is one of the trading strategies which increases the demand for products marginally. The main objective of a business is to generate profit. Companies promote their products and services for an increase in sales and generation in profits.

Crescendo Worldwide’s Trade & Export Promotion Services for Government Agencies and Official Boards facilitate the expansion of exports and investments in diversified sectors. Our services thereby include research and analysis, extracting potential buyers, importers, and suppliers’ details, setting up meetings with top management of potential customers, legal assistance support, and hand-holding for successful deal closures.

Sevik Enver Bahtiyar

Sales & Marketing Manager, Hipomak Hydraulic, Turkey

"Our aim is to enter the Indian market with our products. Crescendo Worldwide has been our professional support system here. They have been very helpful in organising meetings with sales agencies, production partners etc. – 11 meetings in 3 days. They were very successful in finding the correct partners, correct people. So all the meetings were fruitful".




Shan Huang

Sales Manager Chang Horing Rubber Co. , Ltd Taiwan