Facilitating global trade with our resources.
Trade & Export Promotion Services - For Governments Who Are Ready For The World

Crescendo Worldwide’s Trade & Export Promotion Services for Government Agencies and Official Boards facilitate optimisation of exports and investments in various sectors. Our services including research and analysis of potential buyers, importers, suppliers, setting up meetings with top management of potential customers, legal assistance and hand holding for successful deal closures.

  • Demand Generation with high quality leads that take you to potential buyers with confidence.
  • Approaching the right companies and channelizing their interest in export-oriented activities.
  • Organizing trade delegation missions to foreign countries for encouraging international trade.
  • Conducting meetings between international corporations and government business bodies to establish a grounds for trade negotiations and deals.
Sevik Enver Bahtiyar

Sales & Marketing Manager, Hipomak Hydraulic, Turkey

"Our aim is to enter the Indian market with our products. Crescendo Worldwide has been our professional support system here. They have been very helpful in organising meetings with sales agencies, production partners etc. – 11 meetings in 3 days. They were very successful in finding the correct partners, correct people. So all the meetings were fruitful".




Shan Huang

Sales Manager Chang Horing Rubber Co. , Ltd Taiwan

Seek out only the right leads.
Lead Generation & B2B Services - Let Us Find The Right Leads For You

Crescendo Worldwide’s lead generation and B2B services are well-known because we reach out to the right candidates, set up meetings and handhold deal closures resulting in unprecedented success for both the government boards and the companies.

  • Understanding the needs of the client - whether they need to find suppliers, buyers, investors, distributors, dealers or partners.
  • Identifying and approaching the right potential companies.
  • Channelizing their interest for export in the global market or identified target market.
  • Building a database of knowledge that can be shared with the target audience for lead nurturing.
  • Spending quality time and resources on follow-up and lead nurturing
  • Setting up B2B meetings with Crescendo Worldwide as a mediator.
  • Handholding the client to close the deal in a win-win situation.
Karl Reinhard

Founder & CEO Smart Hydro Power, GmBH

I very much appreciate the work done by GIBC (and Crescendo Worldwide) in organising 15 (Indian) companies meeting me in just 2 days. It was very effective, very well organised and the meetings were straight to the point”.



Founder & CEO Smart Hydro Power, GmBH

Carlos Hurtado

Maneger Rivas Robotics, Spain

On a mission to increase trade.
Trade Delegations & Trade Missions - Let Us Help You Foster International Trade

Governments all over the globe are embracing globalisation. Government authorities are One of facilitating international trade. Crescendo Worldwide helps authorities send out delegations and missions to increase global trade.

  • Organising teams that will carry out international trade delegations and missions.
  • Educating government officials/boards on the basic requirements of international corporates.
  • Conducting meetings between governments and business associations.
  • Escorting trade delegations on site visits to industrial plants of manufacturers. Providing legal support and financial insights to governments when signing an MoU/LoI.
Mr. Suheyl Baybali

Executive Officer TAYSAD

“We were very happy to co-operate with Crescendo Worldwide on this project. They are helping us expand our business in both Turkey and India. We will be making more visits to India and build more trade relations.”

Mr.Suheyl Baybali

Executive Officer TAYSAD

Mr. Ravi K. Tiwari & Fawzia Sheikh

Trade Commissioner(Ontario Ministry ) & Area Director(India)

Meetings that lead to long-term associations.
Buyer-Seller Meetings - Providing A Neutral Territory To Meet & Build Relationships

Meeting the right buyers or sellers who share the same vision as yours and complement your needs is a tedious task if you don’t have the best resources on hand. Crescendo Worldwide’s Buyer-Seller Meeting Services ensure that we find the right fit for both parties that leads to long-lasting business relationships.

  • Researching and analysing industry-wise global buyer-seller markets.
  • Organising conventions and building a platform where all buyers and suppliers can meet (either virtually or physically).
  • Conducting meetings for target groups to optimise the results of buyer-seller meetings.
  • Inviting OEMs and their purchase teams for target group meetings to foster warm business relations between potential buyers and suppliers.
  • Taking the right steps to nurture leads and close business deals successfully.
Minshad Ansari

Managing Director, Bionema Limited UK

"We are really pleased to see the way the delegation was organised by Crescendo Worldwide. The way meetings were organised, the way things moved, I have become a fan of Crescendo Worldwide. They are marvellous.”

Minshad Ansari

Managing Director, Bionema Limited UK

Mr. Andrew Wood

Sales Manager & Director Of Pendle Polymer Engineering Ltd,UK

Take your business on the road to success.
Roadshows - Creating Brand Awareness & Lead Generation For Your Business

The easiest way to grab attention is with a dramatic performance. In the business world, that dramatic performance could be an all-out roadshow for your brand. Crescendo Worldwide organises the best virtual and physical roadshows that amp up your brand value in no time.

  • Identify the right target audience for roadshows.
  • Build an incredible infrastructure for a physical roadshow.
  • Build a high-end virtual exhibition that is innovative and an incredible experience.
  • Invite industry leaders and experts to be keynote speakers at the roadshow.
  • Nurture the leads generated from the roadshow.
  • Share full reports of the event.
Ms. Susanne Kümper

Specialist in Fashion Design (Germany)

"Crescendo Worldwide has excellent event management skills. IT (the event) was very professionally done. Like I said, I am very impressed by Crescendo Worldwide’s organisation of the event. Everything went perfectly. It was very well organised.”


Ms. Susanne Kümper

Specialist in Fashion Design (Germany)

Mr. Rony Power

Director - India & South Asia Enterprise Ireland.

Cross-country M&A for better trade & investment relations.
M&A Services - Building Bigger & Better International Corporates

M&A Services in the government sector are all about providing end-to-end support to both the government agency and the company to create a fully functioning amalgamated corporate in the targetted country/region.

  • Crescendo Worldwide’s team scouts the potential markets and companies that are ripe for a merger or acquisition in the target market/region/country.
  • Evaluating the market, the target organisation and the feasibility of the M&A leading to long-term success and growth.
  • Assisting the company in gaining government support and crossing all bureaucratic and legal hurdles for a seamless merger process.
  • Giving a complete report about the target company’s due diligence conducted by us.
  • Full support through the negotiations procedure.
  • Successfully closing the deal and providing legal help for the paperwork of the M&A.
Mr. J. V Ingale,

President - TechExperts Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (India)

"GIBC and Crescendo Worldwide executives and team leaders have helped me in initiating discussions with potential tie-ups and German technology leaders. We have signed 2 MoUs thanks to GIBC and Crescendo Worldwide, who have played a major role in coming forward and integrating these 2 countries and closing these deals."


Mr. J. V Ingale,

President - TechExperts Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Michael Petry

Managing Director,GBneuhaus GmbH Germany