Information & Communication Technology

Bringing forth revolution in human life

The advent of modern computers and communication has revolutionized life in the workspace and personal sphere for every person on the planet. IT solutions have made processing data, building imagery, videos and analytics incredibly easy while ICT products and services have turned communication with anyone in the world a matter of seconds.

  • Estimated at $11.5 trillion (circa 2018) the IT sector contributes approximately 15.5% to the world’s GDP.
  • Due to the unfortunate circumstances of a global pandemic the ICT sector is estimated to grow faster than any other sector as it is one of the essential services that is keeping the world functioning.
  • The IT sector covers both manufacturing of IT products and provision of digital IT solutions to consumers.
  • IT giants like Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google are companies worth trillions of dollars and have penetrated the global market.
  • Developing countries like India, Brazil, South Africa and China are the biggest markets for ICT solutions.