Pharmaceuticals and Life Science

Chemicals & Research That Save Lives

The Pharmaceuticals and Life Science industry is a blend of chemistry and biology that has been creating sickness curing drugs and building technologies that will enhance the quality of human life.

  • The global pharmaceutical industry‚Äôs revenue (in 2020) is estimated to be at $ 1.25 Trillion.
  • In 2020 the life science industry was valued at $ 22.1 billion and is estimated to reach $ 42 billion by 2025.
  • Both the pharmaceuticals industry and life science industry are under heavy regulation and are constantly monitored by national and international government agencies.
  • Research in the pharmaceutical industry has cured many incurable diseases and the invention of vaccines has driven many diseases like smallpox to extinction.
  • Drugs that are invented for chronic illnesses like diabetes, BP and gout have given a new lease of life to patients who can manage their diseases and live normal lives.
  • The path-breaking research in Life Science is revolutionising the health economy, mental wellness and life extension possibilities for humankind.