Railways Sector

Connecting People & Places One Track At A Time

The invention of the modern steam locomotives and rail tracks in 1802 revolutionised the way mankind travelled and goods were transported from one location to another. Railways has played an essential role in encouraging international travel, trade and betterment of cultural affairs.

  • The global rail network covers 1.3 million kilometers.
  • The top 5 countries with the biggest rail networks are USA, China, Russia, India and Canada.
  • In countries like India where rail is a 100% government owned sector, there is a separate annual budget presentation in the parliament dedicated to the Indian Railways.
  • Japan’s rail network, its infrastructure and services are considered to be the best quality rail services and network in the world.
  • China’s CRRC, Canada’s Bombardier, Siemens from Germany, Alstom from France and GE from the USA are the world’s top rail manufacturing companies.
  • The rail sector has embraced new technology and one can see new inventions and modern tools in most advanced countries in the world.